Glenn Ferrone  
President & Co-Director

It has been his dream to have our own multi-sport facility in the area of the communities to the south and east of Columbus to enable athletes of all ages the opportunity to participate in sporting activities of their choice. There are no facilities of this nature anywhere in this area. Constantly being told that it was too overwhelming and costly to achieve, making the fulfillment of the dream impossible, Glenn never gave up on his dream. Believing that the Impossible merely takes a little more effort, Glenn kept planning and exploring a multitude of possible ideas. Current success has come in the form of our Multi-Sport Athletic Facility located in Lithopolis, Oh. Originally hoping to have a two court facility, that plan has increased to our current six indoor court & four outside sand court realization of that dream. Glenn has always wanted to provide athletics to everyone regardless of the financial or physical status. People, in general, and kids specifically need to have healthy alternatives to a sedentary life that leads to current and future health problems. People of all ages need an option of recreational active endeavors. Educational research shows that athletic participation correlates to better school achievement. Glenn's desire is that people in the southeast Columbus area have the opportunity to fulfill their need for athletics, conditioning, and recreation In the open and friendly environment of Eastside Athletics. 

Glenn has been coaching volleyball since 1983. He firmly believes that strong basic skills provide the foundation of all athletes. This philosophy shows in a record that he is proud to have achieved. Although he has never taken over a winning program, 23 of his 29 school teams were either league champions, tournament champions or both. He was also named "Coach of the Year" in 2013. Glenn has also coached USA club volleyball for 12 consecutive years. Of those 12 teams, 8 finished in the OVR top 25, 4 finished in the top 10, and 2 finished in the top 5. Glenn is also currently a co-Director of Eastside Volleyball, since 2010, and was assistant to the Director from 2005-2009.

Nikki Young  

As a graduate of Canal Winchester HS, Nikki has been in the Canal Winchester and surrounding area her whole life and has strong ties to the local community.  She feels very strongly that sports are an integral part of a child's development, and are instrumental in shaping and strengthening vital characteristics such as teamwork, determination, focus, responsibility, self-confidence, multi-tasking, and goal-setting.  She also believes participating in athletic activities as an adult is a great way to stay fit, relieve stress, and create and grow beneficial relationships with other active adults.  Having competed as a gymnast and volleyball player, she continued her love of sports when she began coaching volleyball in 2000.  She has since coached at the youth, junior high, and high school levels at multiple schools, and has coached numerous club teams from ages 8-15 at Eastside.  A mother of two athletes, Nikki believes it is important to understand each girl's individual strengths and weaknesses, and works hard to incorporate those into her coaching style and strategy for her team.  She believes basic skills are the building blocks to a good athlete, and should be mastered before moving on to higher level skills.  She is also a current co-Director of EastsideVolleyball, since 2010, and was an assistant to the director from 2005-2009.  Nikki's goal for the Eastside Athletic facility is to provide multiple athletic and recreational activities for members in the community of all ages, interests, and backgrounds. 

Michelle Hampton

Michelle was born and raised in the Canal Winchester area and graduated from Bloom Carroll High School. She has been involved with Eastside VBC for the past several years in many capacities.  She has served as assistant to the directors, a coach, a parent to her daughter who plays for Eastside VBC, and now has taken a more active role in the day to day administration of the club.  She has also been a coach with the BCYA volleyball program.  The Eastside philosophy of providing athletic opportunities for the community is something she strongly believes in and is excited to support. 

In addition to working for Eastside VBC, Michelle owns and operates a horse farm just a few miles outside of Lithopolis where she boards horses, breeds and raises horses, and trains.  She enjoys educating people about horses and gives riding lessons, holds horse camps, and birthday parties.


Kellina graduated from Jackson High School as a multi-sport athlete and furthered her athletic career at the University of Rio Grande where she was a decorated volleyball player and track-and-field athlete.  She has coached at all levels from 5th grade up to college volleyball. Currently Kellina is the JV girls volleyball coach at Canal Winchester High School. Kellina and her husband, Lyndell (CWHS varsity boys basketball coach), are long-time residents of Canal Winchester. They have two children. Brendan is a student athlete at the University of Rio Grande, and Brady is a freshman at CWHS. Kellina is thrilled about the opportunity that Eastside Athletics is gives to youth as well as adults in and outside of our community.